The Crabster-Mander






You’ve probably been to the Summer, you probably went out with your family and played golf on the golf course, or went to the beach with your grandparents and got ice cream from the ice cream van. You and your family have probably been to the Springside Café, it’s the kind of place that everyone visits… in the summer.


But in winter, you probable can’t go outside unless you have a hat and scarf, you always hear two crows fighting over a dead deer carcase in the middle of the frosty road, you should go outside when the water has frozen over and you feel like you are about the turn into an ice-cube. Few people visit Springside café and the beach in the Winter. Yet people say they have a good reason for that…


Chapter 1


 My name is Jim McCallum and I work at the Springside Café. Most people call me Wee Jimmy. I am the cafes manager. I prep the food, clean the tables and give the workers the share of money. My friend had told me that my job is a dead end but it’s very easy and the pay is good. I have a little room at the back of the café which has a bed and a heating system that turns on when the café is too cold, in Summer we get a lot of customers so much that we have not got enough room in the café. But in winter there is too less people that we usually close the shop early and some days we don’t even open the shop as no-one is out on the streets.


A girl charges into the door and shouts, “Let me in now!” I stand there and watch as the girl keeps on slamming into the door, it is late and I did not know what to do so I open it and at she sprints in and quickly slams the door close and locks it. she turns round and falls over as if out of breath then gets back up and sits on one of the chairs, trying to breath slowly she whispers and says, “hide me please!”


Before I continue I must tell you that there is one story about our town that I should tell you, it happened a long time that no-one remembers the details and date. There is a myths about and creature called the Crabster-Mander that is supposedly related to the Malamander. Apparently it roams the dark of winter night and you hear its howls and crying throughout the night and when you heard this sound you have to close you curtain and lock your door. It has a distinct small of rotten crabs and dried blood of the unlucky sailors it would leave around what seemed like food prints around the beach towns folk say that it was like a king of the sea because of its size.


Some say that it would be out looking for a feast in the night. some say that I was just out looking for a friend. Others say that it was out looking for its next house to enter and feast on the people inside. But in the hailing wind and the clattering of when the rain hits your wind you can mistake some noises for others which could mean I would be mistaken for a howl or cry of the Crabster-Mander.


“Why do you need to hide?” I whisper back to her. “What’s the matter?”


“I’ve seen it !” She says, “it’s out there close the curtain and lock all the doors!”

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