You’ve probably been to Rainbow Bay. In Summer, you probably taken a lovely walk down the rainbow beach or gone for a paddle at Blue Lagoon. When you came there would have been a lovely ice-cream van, a nice cabana to sit in the shade and sites to see. You probably been to the beach side museum. It is a lovely pace to be… in the Summer.


But in Winter, you probably felt the cold North bitter wind. You should try come to see the snowy street and the cool icicle. You should try be here when the frosty sea wind comes in and the light house horn blows loud like a loins roar. Some people visit then. Even the locals keep their distance away from the beach… some say they have good reason, why.


Chapter 1 


My name is Eleanor Winter and I work at the sunny forest rescue site. I mostly get called Ellie. I am the head of the forest rescue crew. I help people find their way if they get lost and if they need medical help as well. Some people said to me that it will be a terrible job, but I ignored them and I love my job now. I sit in the staff room by the heater, if I’m not needed of course. I get a bit lonely in the winter because not a lot of visitors come so the rest of the staff go and early and not a lot of visitors come and I stay late because if people need help I have to go.


A girl comes running as fast as she could and started banging on the windows and cried in fear “let me in, please!” I wasn’t sure if I should let her in. I look carefully at her, she was shivering and had a cut on her arm, it looked new. I opened the door and I said come in, she ran in. She came and sat down on the couch, she said in a panted voice ” Hide me!”


Before we continue, there is an old story about our town, I have to tell you. It happened long, long ago and not a lot of the people who live here remember it. Local legends say of a monster called the wolfamanda who lurks about in the drakes of nights around the beaches and forests, they like travelling in packs as legend says. They are horrible creatures and there howl is like nails scraping against a chalkboard. Sometimes you can find them in the dark forest, and sometimes they are looking for wondering people who are not meant to be out and then they call the pack and sound like nails scraping on a chalkboard and attack. The person would not be heard from again!


” Why do you want me to hide you” I said confused “what’s the matter, are you ok?”


” It’s really, I’ve seen it” she stuttered ” close the curtains quick!”

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