chapter 1



You’ve probably been to Amazement on sea.In summer you probably went to the amazing amusement park,and devoured the triple scooped chocolate ice cream.When you came there would’ve been ice cream trucks and seagulls flying on the beautiful blue sky.You probably got taken to the Grand Nautilus Hotel which is our 5 star hotel.You would have the time of your life ……until winter comes.


But in winter you probably felt the wind pulling you back and rain dripping down your coat.You should try being there when roads freeze and cars skid.You should try being there when

It turns foggy and you can’t see.Even the locals keep away from the beach…..and most have reasons.


Chapter 1

My name is Jeffery Bob  and I work at the pier Museum.Most people call me Jeff.I am the Janitor at the Museum.I clean up when everyone leaves.Someone once told me that I have a bad job but I ignored them.I have a small room and fire to keep me warm when it’s winter but it’s busy at summer.Barely anyone comes at winter… sometimes no one comes at all.

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