Chapter 1!/Beerie-on-see


You’ve probably been to Beerie-on-sea.In summer you probably had a picnic on the straw like sand,and toured the amazing fish&chips shop.When you came there you would have heard the splash of the waves swaying silently as the wind flys past, and felt the vibration of lullabies that the birds sing.You probably got taken to the grand nautilus hotel when you were there.That’s the kind of place you’d visit…Until the dark descends.


But in the winter you probably felt so crispy that you wouldn’t bother to get out of bed or get should try being there when the ice cold snow hits the roots of the trees.You should try being there while smiling the mouth-watering scent of the grand hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.Few people visit then.Even the locals say that you should keep away from beerie-on-sea in the dark.I saw that is some good advice for everyone.


                                           Chapter 1

My name is John Beaker and I work in the local fish&chips shop right next to Beerie-on-sea.Most people call me Johnny.I am the person who serves the customers their food.Someone once told me that you must have a dreadful job smelling all of those amazing chips.I have a little room where I sleep in.Sometimes i hear screams from the beach.I am very happy at the summer but in the inter I just sit in my bed and eat free fish and chips when the manager is out.


A girl throws a rock at the window and shouts something,but i didn’t know what she was trying to say.It just sounded like she was muffling.I started to hear what she said,It sounded like she was saying “let me in!”I went down the steps so confused that I nearly missed one.I let her in she ran so fast knocking me over.I followed her into my room, she immediately said “HELP ME”


Before i keep up with this story , there is a couple of stories about this town.But all of them got lost ,but one.So i am going to tell you about the one that an old man told his daughter.It happened so long ago that we don’t know if it is true anymore.Local legends tell of a beeamander that eats and stings people.This can lead to death.By all accounts, it was a variety of mander known as the bee and only came out 1 year ago.It smelled like pollen and wood ,people say .It left a trail of pollen like powder .What they saw in the evening left everyone in shock.When the locals heard,they would hunt for this mysterious creature everyday.


Some say that the beeamander must have been asking for help.Some say it must of been searching for its prey.Some say it might of been looking for its lost child.I have never seen or heard of this bee thing.”Why do you need help”I say “Come on”. “I’ve seen it” she panicky says “look, pull the blinds.” 

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