Chapter 2

Chapter 2
20 minuets later, I emerge from my hiding spot, “why did you want me to be alone,” I asked Outside I could’ve sworn I could hear rain tapping on the window. People giggle when I tell them: that’s why I wanted you to be alone. She explained. ” Why were you trying to hide,” I asked angrily. Waves wiped the wall while wind wacked the window. It was like it was getting worse and worse.” I saw the mean magma mander,” she replied

Around half an hour later, we stand scanning for life forms: no humans; no animals; and no mander.
somehow my new friend magically, Who tells me her name is Anna, Is a very good persuader. Lighting illuminates the dark sky as distant rumbles echo. Outside is like a deserted desert with nothing for miles. I am worried what if I get lost in the dark? “First we should look there,” Anna said. It was the biggest building in the town. ( it’s where my dentist works.) But why would a mander be there maybe by the pier.

We set off to the beach and noticed that Yacht-on-sea is looking very unwelcoming : the arcade is locked up and closed; most stall products have been trashed and destroyed; and the pier is littered. Peter’s pie shop has been closed in preparation for the storm. Litter drifts by like a tumble weed.

Suddenly, I notice footprints, “Look Anna! footprints,” I scream. They were the footprints she saw earlier. Follow that trail !

Desperate for safety and warmth, we dash under the pier to the stairs. When we got up the stairs all my bravery was wiped out with a simple noise. Wet wind wiped while water would whack wildly. The floor board wobbled and it felt like I would fall. Then a rustle in the tent. What was in there?

We entered then the lights flickered I knew this was a bad idea. It is like a horror movie. We stepped closer armed with a stick ready for battle. As thunder rumbled my heart froze. but my curiosity filled me and I had to explore, “Come on Anna.”

Outside lightning rips open the sky and on the inside sudden flashes happen every second. Suddenly the magma mander leaps out lighting up the tent then it jumps onto the railing it skin becoming rock. Before the sea swallow’s it the mander put a wooden bin on fire. Luckily, it started raining and put out the fire.

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