Chapter 2 – Ava-Jay – SWW

I stare at her, wondering why she’s not replying. I am a bit scared of her now, but I just say, “Hello? What have you seen?” Immediately, I hear waves being wild and free like a tornado so I’m a bit concerned about our town. A voice peeped out of her mouth. Finally! As I was patient, she said that she had just seen the
furious foxamander lurking in the sea. But, if she tells anyone, and I mean anyone, the whole town will go wild.

Five minutes later, we are outside in the cold winter wind. My new friend, who tells me her name is Maddy, tells me to follow her. Horrifically, a storm is forming as my hair whips my face. I have a bad feeling about this. Yes, I know you’re probably thinking that I should have stayed in my warm, cosy bed eating some of my favourite treats and then sleeping but this could be serious, according to Maddy. The sand on the beach is nearly frozen and lightening is striking as soon as we travel nearer the sea. Now I seriously wish I was in my little room. As I turn to Maddy, the sea starts to rumble.

We make our way across town. Sunny-on-Sea isn’t looking its neatest: the ice-cream parlour is looking dark and dull; Bills bucket and spade shop has sealed their shutters tight; the pier is looking like it’s never been opened; and Dylan’s donuts scent from the shop has flown away.

When we walk back onto the pavement, we spot something that belongs to the foxamander: glistening footprints were imprinted in the frozen sand; a long trail of ink and blood; and loose bits of fur burring themselves in between the sand. Why was this happening? I grasped Maddy’s hand and we walked further on. Then we saw a figure.

Needing safety, we dash to the arcade and slip through the door where we can process what’s happening. We need to catch our breaths back. We’re both drenched and shivering like crazy. The wind is that insane that some of the windows are slamming open and close. Wait, did we actually see something or is it just our heads? But it can’t be as Maddy saw it too. Something was really there and we have to do something about it otherwise our town will be ruined, forever.

Me and Maddy look at each other. She said to me that she wants to go have a look because she has the confidence to do it. But I just want to stay in the arcade. A loud roar came from the beach. An ink body and blood hands has made an appearance. Maddy rushes back to me as we watch a creature rage about in the ocean. Petrified, we saw it getting closer and closer.

Outside, thunder and lightning strikes to get that cold winter feeling. Inside, the arcade has been illuminated by the stormy weather. Arcade machines are full of darkness and the moon shines through the door. The foxamander, who’s got sharp greedy teeth, smashed the windows of Dylan’s Donuts and the pier. Abruptly, it freezes and storms of back into the ocean. A big sigh of relief came rushing into us as we watch it jump into the ocean.

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