Chapter 2 By Axel SWW

Chapter 2

“What type of monster?” I asked,
“A dangerous one” replied the boy. I stared in silence hoping he wouldn’t ask a question.
“When did you first start this business?” the boy asked. I didn’t reply, “I’ve seen it.”
“when, why, how?” he stuttered over his words; he couldn’t reply without stuttering. I shut the window as it was getting cold. He allegedly saw the Platamander poaching fish.

A few moments later, the boy, who is name Jiffy Ducox, begged me to go outside. I went outside with him and waited for him to come back. A few minutes had past since he had first come out. I’ve decided to wait for him a bit longer a he hasn’t come back in the last thirty minutes. I am going after him as he still hasn’t come back, rain is spitting at my scalp, “I’m not giving up!” I shout to myself. The van getting smaller every minute I walk away.

I walked across town, Wookey-on-Sea wasn’t that far away, It wasn’t looking as good as it normally is. I got closer and closer, it was covered with lethal mud, I had to go across it to get some cover. The roof banned the rain from getting through, my hair as wet as a swimming pool.

Me and Jiffy walk over to the worn down pier, we saw a trail of spines leading towards an underwater cave, we followed it until it went into the ocean.

Silently, Jiffy and I creep over to where the cave starts its entrance “where does this lead?” I asked.
he doesn’t reply, I was worried that he was in his own mind and just went for it. He started swimming into the deep cave, I followed him behind not realizing that it was getting dark. I gently tapped his shoulder, he turned round, but he still kept on swimming. Turned round to see a round black face peering down into my eyes. I swam away and left Jiffy to swim down. When I got back to Wookey-on-Sea I sat down in one of the rooms. Thinking about what would happen to Jiffy or if he is already dead.

Outside, the wind blowing the deck chairs about, Inside the lights flickered. The Platamander broke through the door of the pier and launched itself to the end of the pier. Its gazing over the sea, seeing if its prey is near the shore, it spotted me. Its blue eyes widened as it saw me, jumping into the water to be unidentified. Its black face peering out the water.

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