You’ve probably been on an airship when the skies are blue, the clouds are hardly there and bad dragons sleep while crumpet dragons snuggle. 

Remember how you felt when Pixie’s flew across the deck while the elves cook cupcakes and when wind fills the wings. 

I bet you’ve enjoyed days when sprites gaze at the sun and the sun is hot on most beaches. 

But be warned of the days when winter rolls in. The wind will pierce through your heart, shattering it into pieces. When the wind tugs on the ship and rocks one side to the other. That’s when bad dragons are awake. 


Chapter 1 

“Grace, Kate grab onto that pole!”  

But Kate couldn’t reach. Her hand was pressed against her mouth. She was trying not to be sick while Grace was dancing around on the deck smiling. They had left Lakeside Village ten sights ago. They should have been flying over Frozen Island two sights ago but the compass was sabotaged and they had flown into a storm. 

At that moment, bad dragon flew out of a cloud and circled the ship ready to fire. Swaying and swooping, the dragon’s mouth blazing, back arched, wings stretched. Just then a bit of fire struck. 

At that second, a tiny dragon launched at the fight. The crew headed into the cabin but Grace couldn’t move because she was petrified…. 

When all was lost, the second dragon stared at Grace. Next, she shot at bad dragon, then blasted him. As they flew away bad dragon shot the second dragon and they disappeared from sight. 


Chapter 2 

At that moment, they started to fall rapidly, “What’s wrong?” Kate screamed. 

“We’re out of juice,” Captain Lachland shouted, “Prepare for landing!” 

Grace opened her eyes. She was in a cave. Bones were scattered everywhere and there was a shipwreck right beside her. Outside was a forest of ashes and blood was running across the floor. Roars came from behind the ship. She realised every one was lying on the floor but the most amazing thing was that she had not a scratch 

She could smell rotten meat that made her feel sick. Damp fur scent spread across the cave. Grace felt fear grip her heart, pulling her into the darkness. She heard deafening roars in the black darkness, ready to pounce. The stars outside were black and it was midnight. She tasted mud and smoke floating up to her mouth. It tasted bitter. Then she realised it was not smoke, it was sleep mist and it kept on filling the cave. 


Chapter 3 

Grace, whose face lit up a smile every day, gulped as the sleep mist consumed her. Kate, whose face was full of fear, opened her eyes wide, grabbed Grace and dashed outside. Something was squeaking in the darkness. Velvet eyes stared at Grace trying to communicate. “Sorry, I can’t understand you, what are you doing?” Slowly, the creature stepped into the light from a fire. “ I..i.. it’s a dragon,” Kate spluttered. Someone was screaming so Grace couldn’t hear very well. They listened, but the voice stopped. They heard leaves rustling and then someone peered around the corner!` With big velvet eyes and glowing crumpet scales, the dragon pounced on the girl. She was knocked over and went tumbling to the ground. Grace raced over help her up and then said, “ My name is Grace and this is Kate.” 

“ Do you have a bandage I could use?” Aver giggled, introducing herself and her sister Loloo. They bandaged the dragon’s leg and slipped it into Kate’s bag. Grace announced that it was a crumpet dragon. That made sense because of the crumpet scales. Kate and Loloo wrapped up the crumpet dragon and Grace thought of names. She decided on Rubet, which Aver thought was funny. 


Chapter 4 


Ten hours later, Loloo and Aver could not find their way home so they helped Grace and Kate on their way home. Out of the scraps, Grace built a mini skyship with a nest for Rubet, and four beds for them and Kate. As they slept, stars shone above. 


Early next morning, Grace and Kate awoke to golden songs cheeping while Rubert chased his tail. Soon the smell of bacon filled the ship, a cloud passed and all was silent except for the buzzing of the engine. 

At that moment, Kate spotted an aqua blue thing. The blue thing had a black dot in the centre looking straight at them. Kate realised it was an eye as big as ten schools. But Grace reassured her that it was just the lake next to their village. 

Grace could hardly wait for the next adventure. 

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