furious Lionmander

You’ve probably been to Dream-on-sea. In summer, you probably look for Dolphins,on Jumeirah beach. When you come there, you would hear ice cream vans, and you would smell some fresh fish and chips you probably got taken to the 5 star Grand Nautilus Hotel. That’s the kind of place you’d visit when the sun burns.


But in winter, you probably felt very cold, slippery and snowy. You should try being there when there is fresh wind and when they offer your child to eat free play free everyday. That is fun. Even the locals stay from the Dream-on-sea in the winter and some say it’s not so dreamy after all.


 Chapter 1 

My name is cristanio Ronaldo and I work as a footballer player . Most people call me suivi.Someone Once told me i am the best footballer player but I don’t believe them, I have a Manchester United stadium. This is where I sleep in the room and next to me there are a lot of people. I am busy because I have football matches in 1 week on day i have a match.


A man knocks on the door, and shouts, “Let me come in”! I look at him and have no idea what to do. It was so late that the door was locked. I don’t have the key. She looked so scared and I opened the door.she got some pillows with her and she said “cover me”.


Before I start with this amazing story It happened so long ago that your grandparents don’t remember. Local Legends tell of a creature that comes out of the sea and walks through the street at night time. He sounds like someone is screaming.They say that at night time the Malamder comes.when the locals heard, they would go lock her door everyday. 


Some say he came searching for food. Some say he came to hunt animals.Some say he wants to destroy  people’s houses. I have never seen the Malmader.


“Why do you need to hide”! I whispered at him “why”

“What happened why do you need to hide” “reply”


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