How to tame a dragon-part 4

Whoosh! The wind blew Mariana’s hair as she made her way over to Ty. She yawned from her exhausting battle with the dragons. She crouched down on the burnt broken floor boards, making her self comfy in her sleeping bag as she stared at the dark empty sky. Then at the corner of her eye she spotted a red circle like an eye. Squinting her eyes she grabbed Ty’s hand and dragged him along the floor board. Edging closer she managed to see it on the balloon of the sky ship! Fear it might pop she called for captain O’ Shea. The captain came at once and laughed ”that’s just the light to keep away all the monsters.” Confused Ty and Mariana headed to their sleeping bag, dreaming about sky goblins and dragons while the sky ship drifted into the empty void


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