In all probability, you’ve most likely visited Dream-on-sea. Within Autumn, you mainly fell into a pile of crunchy leaves; waggled trembling trees, or even bought a pumpkin-spice-latte. When you arrived, I bet you saw moms asking their kids to take a photo, and kids picking up leaves to throw up into the air. As a matter of fact, you could have went to the 10 star spa treatment for 24 hours. That’s a sort of fantasy you would imagine… or would you?

However in spring, the chances are, that you have sensed the gloomy gust upon you. You shall attempt to be there while the blossoms heighten as the sun escalates with a stand out glimmer. You should also be there quick, when the quaver trees resurrect and the weather will get out of its safe zone and get warmer.

Chapter 1

Hi! I identify my name as Anne frank, I work at a small local cafe in my town. In general, most people call me as Ana. My role is a barista and waitress sometimes. I take people’s orders and give what they ask. While I was taking someone’s order, They asked me, you should be tired, just look how young you are, just quit your job. I didn’t really care what he said because I honestly LOVE IT. To keep me cosy, I have a tiny room with a cat called Hange. At night, I am never alone because my cat is with me, While I eat my warm cookies.

Arbitrarily, a little girl urgently pops out from a corner and says “Help, he’s chasing me, HELP!!” I glare in confusion not knowing what to do. It’s getting late and the cafe is closed. I felt bad for her so I quickly opened the door to let her in. she was freezing to death I her gown, so I gave
her my coat and Blanket but then she came in a rush “Thank you, but you need to hide me.”

I hid her in my closet. And then all of a sudden she was telling me all about an Igu..mander. It was so long ago that even the person who knows about it is dead now. Secret scientist said that this creature barely comes in the early mornings. Accordingly, scientists have proven that it’s an iguanamander, and at most it came out from the sea when it was a jet-black bluster. It was sighted really far anytime you made a noise. Anytime you move….you would be next!!!!

Some citizens say that the iguanamander has been struggling for the last couple of days. A number of people say that it has been searching for food everywhere because it has a kid which is suffering from world hunger. I’ve not in my life heard of it or seen it.
I go back to the girl and ask her “Is there a reason for you to hide?”

I’ve… I’ve seen it, QUICK LOOK DEADLY SHARP!!!!” she say in terror.

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