Chapter 2 by Bella SWW

Have you really seen it?” I whisper excitedly.

“Yes” she smiled, sounding pleased. Outside, the wind was blusterier than ever and the mist was devouring the town.

Half an hour later, we are outside in the bitter cold mist trying to retrace my confident, but sometimes a bit bossy, friend Shanti Raven’s footsteps. The rain was falling heavy now and the storm was starting to brew. It felt like I had two Ice blocks for feet making me walk stiffly. Whereas Shanti was charging off all excited, she was so far away that I could only just see her through the mist. I was getting so worried that she would get hit by lightning or get lost or even me. “Come on Ada no time to waste” she calls through the lonely streets.

We had finally reach the town and have walked past: Mrs. Subway’s shop of fish and chips has its heater on and door and windows are shut Mr. Hardy’s shop of things he has collected on the beach blankets covering the objects and finally Mr. and Mrs. Elsie’s pet shop boarded up to keep the pets out of the wind. Worst of all, there in front of us is the shingle beach covered in fog.

We are standing on the beach and I am feeling like a nervous wretch I even feel like I do not deserve the name ‘Ada Starshadow’ as that is like what you would call someone brave. “Ada, Ada come quick” calls Shanti from the edge of the pier. I walk over and there in front of me is a trail of black, what feels like snow and there in the middle is what look like another trial but webbed feet this time. Suddenly a lash of lightning split the sky.

A low screech blew through the air, making me freeze. I want to run but I know that I can’t leave Shanti, who has not seemed too have heard it. Then I hear the squelching of webbed feet behind me. I stop dead. Then I saw it.

It moves closer to Shanti, its red eyes fixed upon her like a fox with its prey. I hoped he was light and the wind would pick up and blow him away, but of course that was never going to happen. “SHANTI, LOOK OUT” I screech. She can’t hear me because she has her earmuffs on. The creature was at full speed now and I did not think that I could stop it. It was so close now.

Inside the shops the objects or food were safe, but outside Shanti is not. Luckily she has turned to see me and has now seen the creature. “Run” I call, but she is stood frozen. So now I need too push her out the way and so I did. After that she claims that was the penguinmander.

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