Octomander part 2

Chapter 2

“You’ve… you’ve actually seen it!” I whisper. “Please don’t laugh, I need to hide!” He replies. He scrambles through the piles of new books and covers. He eventually finds an empty bookshelf and makes himself as skinny as possible. He now decides that the front desk is too small for him to fit in. The sky rumbles. Could he be lying? Was he telling the truth? Outside, the rhythmic rain raps against the window. Leaves and sand whip up from the ground and float onto the pier. Twenty minutes later, we walk through the front door and exit as the wind combs through my hair and makes my eyes feel dry. My new friend, who is very bossy, commanding and particular, is Oscar, Oscar Ark. We fight against the wind and it almost blows our clothes off. Oscar says,” Let’s head over to the promenade!” The beach is deserted and the pebbles are buried underneath the sand. The sea laps at the wall. It’s fine, it’s only lapping. The thunder crackles. Now, as I am standing here, being battered by the wind, I begin to have second thoughts. We pass many shops as we make our way across town. We pass: Mollie’s Chippy; Mr Lime’s Spade shop ; and Beachy Buckets. All the shops are boarded up and the owners are taping the letters of the shop name to the floor. Bike tires lift of the ground and car boots are bashed by the pebbles. As we finally cross the promenade; we see it, spots of midnight ink and suction cups of other octomanders and half-eaten pebbles and shells. Trails of glistening ink permanently stain the pavement. We crazily stumble forwards. The wind lashes our cheeks and the rain pounding against our faces. Without a care in the world(apart from getting sticky-inked by the octomander), Oscar flings the front door of a chippy open. We hope not to be seen. We go through the door and make our way through to the fryer room. It is abandoned, and we try to find places to hide. Oscar wants to try the sink, but I tell him that he’ll get seen, easily. I suggested hiding in the sink, but Oscar thought I could hide in the cupboard. In the end, he hid in the cabinet under the sink. Outside the door, I hear a creature, moving slowly closer. Suddenly, the wind rages, as if on the creatures side, and we can hear the wood clatter on the floor. We hear the wind blow through the window. The creature edges closer. A deckchair hits the door frame. Petrified, we hear a splat against the door. If the creature really was there, could it open the door? Suddenly, a dark purple octopus throws open the door. Splat! Oscar was are getting sticky-inked! Oscar screeches for help. I throw open the door. It paces towards us. I clamber out of the cupboard, I should have thought. Splat! I get stick-inked too! Outside, the wind howls like an injured wolf. Inside, an octomander creeps towards us. The octomander strolls through the gap in the front door and… Splat! It zaps the doorframe with its ink. We push a deckchair into the frame and pant, we got splatted by an octomander. It acts like nothing ever happened. Then, with a final splat, he slithers back into the ocean.

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