You’ve likely been to Slumber-on-sea. In the Summer, in all likelihood , you surfed on the wonderful waves , traversed the appealing aquarium ,  divertingly devoured the prominent  triple- tropical soft serve. When you came, there would have been sunbathing Seagulls sitting helplessly, and nearby flowers singing melodious music . You probably got taken to the Grand  Nautilus museum, that’s the type of place  you would visit … until you awaken.


However, in the winter, you definitely felt the jagged wind navigating the rain . You should attempt  being there when the  blizzard falls and refrigerates  the mourning streets . You should try being there when fog suffocates the town and the fog horn blows . Small quantities of people visit then. Even the natives keep well away from the beach… and most people say, they have good intentions. 

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