The Flora (prologue + parts 1-4)

The Flora

Sky-ships are usually a fun place to be. Wind blowing in your hair, looking down at all the wonderful sights. When you chose to take this trip, so you could get you your desired destination. Maybe for a holiday, or to visit family and friends, you were always excited on a sky-ship.

Maybe ‘excited’ wasn’t the best word. Maybe ‘anxious’ or ‘petrified’ would be a better word for some sky-ship rides. Such as the ones you don’t chose. The ones where the trip was necessary for someone’s life, or your own.

The trips where sky-pirates attack your ship, or vicious dragons set it ablaze. That’s when you wish you were safely down on the ground. That’s when you wish you had never stepped aboard a sky-ship at all.

Part One

“Pull the ropes harder!” Isabella barked at her younger brother.

“ i’m trying these ropes have been here since the 1800s!” Robin replied bitterly. The Flora sky-ship was one of the oldest on the Sunflower Isles, yet still the most glamorous. Isabella Pomegranate stood tall on the wet, wooden deck, peering down over the islands. They were just passing over Daffodil Valley, and the yellow of mid-April was blinding.

“Uh Isabella” Robin said wearily.

“What? I’m busy” Isabella replied sourly.

“What’s that ship, in the distance?”



The incoming ship was massive, about 3x the size of The Flora. Shouts and screams were coming from it. As the ship got closer, Robin could see around 5-10 people. And not just any people. Sky-pirates.

Their mother had told them stories about sky-pirates. Savage, psycho, killers. Isabella grabbed her bow a handful of arrows. Robin clutched a sword. Isabella drew back an arrow and aimed. The pirates were clearly visible now and they were headed right for them. Isabella hit their balloon but it nothing but anger the pirates further.

“Please don’t hurt us!” Robin pleaded.

“Erm no” the pirate with the biggest beard laughed. Isabella shot him in the chest.

“Oi! Get them!” A pirate shouted, and hit an arrow into their ballon, making a hole the size of a small car, causing the, to plummet through the clouds into the unknown.

Part Two

“AHHH!” Isabella and Robin screamed in unison. Isabella managed to steer the ship ever so slightly, in hope that they would land on solid ground. Robin clung to the banister for dear life as the ship fell hopelessly through the sky.

“I see land!” Robin shouted to Isabella, peering over the side of the ship.

“Is that…” Isabella said wearily.

“THE FOREST” Robin finished in utter shock. The sibling looked down in fear as the tall trees came to meet them. ‘The Forest’ was the most feared place on the Isles.

“Dad will kill us when we get home” Robin complained.

If we get home.” Isabella replied, putting emphasis on the ‘if’.

Once they had landed on the leaves and mud of the forest, Isabella and Robin set off to find resources to fix the balloon. Trees taller than anything they had ever seen towered over them, casting dark and ominous shadows. The smell of wet leaves filled their noses as they darted through the forest.

As Robin stuck leaves together with tree-sap, something shiny caught Isabella’s eye. A small, golden compass.

“Isabelllllaaaaaaa” Robin moaned. “I’m donnnnnne.”

“Okay, okay” she replied, picking up the compass.

“What was that? Stop making weird noises, Robin” Isabella scolded him.

Robin made a confused face. “I didn’t say anything. You’re mental. Let’s go.”

Part Three

As they made their way back to the ship, Isabella noticed something about the compass. “Robin?”


“This compass doesn’t point north.”

Robin stopped. “What?”

“We should follow it!” Isabella said excitedly.


Isabelle obviously didn’t listen, and bolted off in the direction the compass pointed her. Robin sighed and followed her reluctantly.

Isabella gasped. Sparkling blue eyes looked up at her lovingly, long dark eyelashes batted at her. She picked up the small, delicate unicorn and a glittering pink horn pierced a hole in her white dress.

“We should call her Violet” Isabella stated, and took her back to the sky-ship.

Part Four

“It’s a beautiful night” Isabella said quietly, staring out into the night sky. The siblings looked up at the bright white moon. Pale outlines of the two were cast onto the deck, by the light of the stars.

Isabella sat on the side of the ship, swinging her tanned legs over the edge, dangling them into the deep void of the sky. Robin came to join her, struggling to get up onto the edge.

“You’re supposed to be asleep” Isabella said lightly.

“So are you.”

That’s when they heard. Scratching on the side of the ship. Isabella sneaked over to the railing and peeked over. A bright pink eye stared back up at her.

“It’s another unicorn!” Isabella screamed with delight, and the unicorn, who they named Lavender, joined them.

The dark night faded into a beautiful spring morning, and they sailed off in the direction of home.


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