The Manders


I am Tom Yuggi and I work at the Element Farm. At the Element Farm I feed the; the Orcamnaders, penguins, cows and the Cowamamders. People are really jealous because the Element Farm is the number one best farm to go to in the summer. I sometimes feed are Happy Eagles and Owls

Chapter 1

Before I tell what happened I need to tell about this horror. I was feeding the beautiful Orcamanders when I spotted a five legged Elephantamander. People say that the Elephantamander is a legend and no-one lived to tell the story. Instantly, I ran to the amazing Cowamders. “Cowamamders run for your lives” I said in Cowamnder. As quick as a flash, we all ran away towards the penguins. I also can speak fish and shark so I told them to swim for their lives and the Orcamanders told the penguins to swim for their lives as well. Luckily, the Elephantamander is very slow like a snail. Orcamanders can also walk on land and they run as fast as a sound. All the animals and of course me jumped on the back of the Orcamanders and ran for our lives. Eventually, we got to the barn house and hid in the hay stacks. Suddenly, the Elephantamander popped up in the barn. The Orcamanders jumped up to fight the Elephantamander but they failed and sadly died. The Cowamamders were smart and ran for their lifes. The Orcamanders landed on the Porkamamders and they lived.

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