the mysterious monster



You’ve probably been to Waked Whales. In summer, you probably sun bathed with friends and family on the soft sand, watching the sun set over the horizon. When you came, there would have been, the singing ice cream van, that also sells the famous triple-tropical soft serves, and the Grand Nautilus fish and chip shop. You probably got taken to the 5-star masseuse. This is the kind of place for you… until you wake up.


But in winter, you probably felt frozen. You should try being there when the hot tub is inside. You should try being there when the snow sets and the hailstones hit. You should try being there when the icicles form, like rows of barbed wire. Even the locals keep away from the beach, and some say for good reason.


Chapter 1/The mysterious monster.

My name is Peter and I work as a beach keeper on the safari beach. Most people call me Pete. Also, there is a myth about a monster, so that is creepy. I am the luckiest worker on earth because I have a king sized bed. I have a jet pump in my bath. Someone once told me that there is a sea creature nearby, but I didn’t think much of it. I am 18 years old, and I do not only like my job, I love it. 


A mystery girl knocks on the beach hut door, and shouts “follow me!” I stare at her in fear. I reply “I am so sorry but I have to clean up the beach now .” 


“Just follow me!” she says in an angry voice.


Before I continue with you, there is one spine wriggling story that I should tell you. It happened so long ago that even your grandparents can’t remember the myth. Local legends tell of a monster that can do flips and skip. Apparently, it is a variety of mander known commonly as the sea land monster, and only comes out when the scene is set. It tastes like rotten fish when the stench reaches your mouth. It leaves a trail a midnight-blue footprints. They say that at midnight, the sealand monster would emerge. When the locals heard, they would hunt it down.


Some say that the monster had been hidden. Some say that the monster had not come out until now! I’ve never heard about it, though in the snowy weather the monster has not come out…


“Why do I need to follow you?. I shout back at her.


I’ve seen it” she says.


“It’s real”she said.


“Seen wha?t” I say.


“The Mala…Mander” she squeals.

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