The Pandamander

My name is Coral and I work at Seashell Hotel. However most people call me Cora, and I definitely prefer that name. I work all day, just trying to make people smile and feel at home. Many people ask why I didn’t follow my dreams and be what I wanted to be. But I like it here. The hotel is surrounded by the  beautiful, teal oceans that glimmer in the sunlight and lovely people! What else could I ask for? If I followed my dreams and became a famous actor, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much, fame is hard to take in and I would have had to be away from my loved ones. So I decided to go down this route and I love it. All the staff I work with are amazing and I just love to make people happy. The hotel has warm, cosy rooms that send enjoyment down your spine, incredible breakfast and buffays and dazzling views! But sometimes it doesn’t seem this positive.. 


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