The scary sighting

You’ve probably been to Tropical-on-sea.In summer you have probably got an ice cream or just a had a dip in the sea.when you come ,there would be a big and sandy beach,pale white seagulls squawking and stealing peoples food,kids screaming and parents sitting down watching their kids play.

You have probably been taken to the fun-fair festival.

It’s that kind of place…in the summer


 But in the winter,you have probably felt so cold and bitter that you can’t move.The weather is absolutely horrible.You should never go there when it’s raining because the mud gets wet and soggy.You should try coming when it is snowing. It looks so cool and christmassy.

Even the locals keep away from rain and some say they nearly drowned the mud by too much rain flooding the place.


My name is Maya Carson and I work at a fun-fair festival.

Most people call me Mia the fair well worker mostly because Iam very kind.I am the fun-fairs rollercoasters and no one gets hurt.someone once asked me if I hate my job,well of course not I love my job a lot.I’m usually working day shift but on fridays I do night shift,and I always feel alone but sometimes ….not.


A girl knocks on my door and shouts for help “Please help me!”.

I unlock the door gently and pierce through the little gap not knowing what to do because it was very late.Then I let her in because she looked very scared and frightened.

She comes in and goes into the wardrobe then she says “hide me!”


Before I continue with this concerning story,there is one heebie-jeebie story I should tell you .

It happened so long ago that even your great grandparents were not born yet.Legends tell of a creature that has killed a lot of sailors and citizens on the beach.

Allegedly,it was a variety of mander known as a Catamander and only came out when it hits midnight.It smelled of human flesh and sailor’s bones.It left a trail of blood like actual human blood.They say at midnight,the Salamander emerges from the sea and eats you in 1 second.

When the locals heard,they would keep away from the beach at midnight.


Some say that the creature must have been angry at something.Some say it had a pain somewhere on its body.Some say it had lost one of its children.I have never seen such a big wave in my whole life and never heard it because I had my headphones on the whole night.

“Why are you hiding?”I said to her,

“I’ve seen it!”she says,”Don’t look outside!”


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