In summer, you probably have Been to the fruit market and the cafe opposite it and been disappointed there was no ice cream.

Chapter 1

My name is joe pineapple and I work in the fruit market. Most people call me Joey. I am the sales man of the fruit we get of the farm.I work all day and it get’s really boring because I also have to clean up at the end of the market the other person Peter sleeps all day because he is scared of the legend of the snakeamander. I get a lot of customers that talk about the snakeamander but I still don’t believe in it. One day a customer came up to me and said “hide me and you” but before I tell you the rest I need to tell you more about the snakeamander. It lives under rocks on the beach and it moves very slow and never eats anything and only bites other animals but it might eat we don’t really know.Back to the story I said “ why do you need to hide anyway” 

“It’s the snakeamander it’s comin” she shouted out of breath.

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