The Spikeheadamander ps2 Benjamin SWW

Chapter 2
Silently, we sat together. My confidence grew before I asked, “Where did you see it?” Outside, the thunder grew louder and waves lapped over the pebbles. I already had an idea of were he saw it. I was right he saw it at the harbor climbing out of the ship H.M.S Warrior.

A few minutes later, we sneak out of the museum and standing in front of the submarine. Slowly, we walk towards the marina and we jump on to my boat and sail to where the H.M.S Warrior is.
The thunder rumbled a lot louder in the distance. John which is my new friend is surprisingly is the bossiest person I have ever met. The wind blew we pushed on, if we didn’t we would be swiped of our feet.

Casually, we set of across town. Portsmouth-on-Solent is looking its most deserted: the fish and chip shop is boarded up, the ice-cream van has gone and the bodyboard hiring center has long draw their shutters. The ramp lay abandoned: no boat or hovercraft are going up and down it.

As we leave the shelter of the fish and chip awning we see it: a dagger like spike lay on the floor like a scoop of ice-cream. we walk a bit further then we see fresh track it headed to the silent hotel. I grasped John’s hand. The lightning roared. waves crashed against the seawall wind howls. we follow the footprints we see the monster’s tail we freeze we dash away.

Desperate for safety and warmth, we dart under the canopy of the old, abandoned music stand. We hugged each other for warmth. Something was letting out a loud squeal. We heard a loud, low growl a bush was blown away. We were both saturated. Wood was being torn of the building. the cold, wet sea air was stealing my breath. I wipe the salty sea air from my face.

We skulked towards the silent hotel. A loud crash came from down the path. John jumped back we went together. lightning hit a power line the ground shook. we stepped into the silent hotel. I could see the footsteps were the thing was heading. doors were smashed rooms were flipped upside-down. The tail went through the wall like a knife through butter.

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