The squirrel-a-mander

Sorry I do know what she was hiding from let’s continue. She got up after the thud and she said “Thanks for letting me hide in here” so I said

 “no problem” then I said “what you hiding from anyways” 

Then she replied “it it was chasing me”

I said “what’s it?”

She said “the legend of the squirrel-a-mander.” 

“The the” i mumbled 

“Yes I know” she spoke then I heard it really loud footsteps but I thought since it’s a squirrel-a-mander it will have tiny footsteps but I was wrong it had large ones “OH NO QUICK DOWN HERE!!” the girl shouted so I jump down and I locked the door  five minutes later we heard the glass door smash, we thought we would die.

3 Responses to “The squirrel-a-mander”

  1. Very good but what is all the spaces? And maybe next time don’t put so much spaces

  2. This was good but made you need it a little longer

  3. I really like all of the speech that you put in!
    What happens next?
    I think you should put speech on different lines not on the same lines!
    I really like your post so please do another one?!?

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