The squirrelmander.


Have you ever visited Torpoint? Have you ever been outside in the summer relaxing on the benches eating ice creams? Your parents are waiting outside on the benches waiting for you to pick a book. That is what happens in the summer.


In the winter, everything changes. If kids want a new reading book, their parents ring up the manager to see if they deliver books. It’s like a whole new world when it’s winter. Just because the weather is horrible, nobody can be bothered to come to the library. Some days, nobody comes in and the staff are sitting at tables, BORED!


Chapter 1

My name is Susan Redson and I work in the local library, the majority of my friends call me Suzy. My job is to dust the books and mop the floors. I love my job, I take it really seriously too, some nights I am up and working until 5 in the morning. Boris Sealey (who is in charge of the library) knew that I like things perfectly, so he gave me a room to sleep in for a few hours. I’m always alone when I do my job, but I don’t really mind. One of my friends once told me that my job is haunted, but I don’t fall for stupid things like that. I know she is just probably jealous that I get the whole library to myself.


One morning, a girl knocked really loudly on my bedroom window and I heard the words, ‘Hurry up and let me in, will you?’ Her cheeks and lips are turning bluer as I stare at her. I have to let her in. A minute or two later, once she is inside she sprints under my table and says, ‘Make sure nobody sees me!’ 


Before I continue talking to you about my story, there is something scary I have to tell you. The last time it was sighted was years ago. There is a monster that haunts our town. He has massiver eyes, as green as grass, a tummy that is as soft as a pillow and legs that can grow up to 50 metres. Every few years, on halloween this monster comes out of his hiding spot (a tree) and cries and moans until dawn. People hear this sound and immediately lock all their doors and windows. Some say this monster is just a beautiful creature that is lost but some say it wants to kill. 


I’ve never actually seen this monster, my friends have. I am just going on what they are all telling me. I hope that one day I will see him or her because I reckon this ‘monster’ is actually really nice.


“What’s happened? Why do you need to hide?” I asked her. 


“I’ve seen the monster!” she replied, clinging onto the legs on my bedside table.

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