Chapter 2

Chapter 2


We sit quietly before I broke the silence “what did you see?” I asked. Outside I can hear howling thunder . Before she said it i knew what she is going to say” its the dragonmader” i knew it.


Twenty minutes later we were outside in the blackness following violet footsteps where she ran from. I wish I was in my nice room. All I can say is that Violet’s name sounds calm but in reality she is bossy. The wind pushing us lightning struck behind us.


We pass the fish and chips shop, the new hotel and the dress shop. The promenade is empty  and only a few cars are scurvy.


Violet drags me to the beach. At that moment we heard the wind howling. I got a glimpse  of sharp big footsteps.


Hardly daring to breathe we slid inside an arcade hiding from the cold.The wind smashed the doors. Where the door was we heard a slight growl.


Suddenly Violet walked towards the door whilst I stood there shaking even though it was warm. Then she opens the door and a large creature smells of rotten fish pink eyes.


All of a sudden  its tail pushes Violet to the floor. she hit her head and it headed towards the window then it smashed the window then it looked behind with its scary pink glowing eyes it ran we followed it to the beach but it disappeared.


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