chapter 2

Chapter 2


I sit, dowen waiting to say, “what did you see outside?” I can hear the storm picking up. 

“Would you like some tea?” I ask. Pouting it off. “What did you see then?” Even before she answers, I already Know what she “is going to say. She brethtacenly said “I have seen the dragenmander!” Twenty minutes later, we had to move location so we went to the abandoned theme park.

“Violet look at the foot prints”, I said, “can you hear that?” I said, “hear what?” “never mined. It is getting very dark.”


“ ROAR!”, breathing fire out the dragenmanders mouth. “Run!” I said “. Run ouch my hair is on fire keep running ok. Go away< run, help! Help us! “There is gooey stuff on the floor help i am stuck! The stuff got me stuck. Run!. “ finally he ran away.


“But we are not saff so can we go new ! “ yes lets go then”. “ look its the dragenmander agen”.  “ I tole

d you it was not safy”. Ok you toled so new lets go before he sees us. “ROAR!” 


Its 11:33 am lets hed back. “ ok”.  Right now we are beck the dragenmander will not come. “ Roar!”. Oh no Run Run!

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