Chapter 2

Chapter 2


After that,me and ash woke up in a different place.Its been a hour and no one has questioned where we are.”it smells weird in here” ashy said while opening the basement door to let us free from the rotting basement.Suddenly large screeches came from outside the hotel.”Should we go check it out?” i said, shaking silently.”of course we should” she said back excitingly.So then we headed to where the screeching was coming from.”the abandoned restaurant?” We both said while entering.The floor was dirty but..there were blue eyes glaring at us in the shadows and sharp teeth smiling menacingly.”I have a bad feeling about this”.


Before we knew it the Llamamander pranced onto ash but as quick as flash ash pushed it away and the llama ran into the shadows.


“Should we return to the hotel?” ashy said while trying to seem not hurt by the Llama mander.”yeah and try to relax”.so we went back to the disgusting basement.”we should have just went to go find it again” ashy says upsettingly but – i then paused at the sound of a voice “what are you guys doing down here?” I heard screeching from outside! Can you guys check it out?” So then we hurried up the stairs and ran outside to see the Llama mander in a tree.”WHAT DO WE DO?” I asked terrifyingly, “FIGHT IT!” ashy tried to ride the Llama mander into the sea but..the Llama mander pushed her away and ran into the abandoned restaurant.

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