I want to paint.

I want to paint…


I want to paint –

a magnificent mirror standing tall, on the fine wall of a museum,

an adventurous antelope leaping along the dry grasslands of Africa,

a beaming hot beach, beside sparkling crystal-like water.


I want to paint –

A beautiful bird hovering above a dazzling green tree,

A frolic of musical notes dancing in the dark of night,

A Viking sailing on his ship, over the vast ocean,

A small village overflowing with people,

A perfect lake covered in wonderful wildlife and fancy flowers.


I want to paint a silent silky sea, drifting slowly along the shore.

I want to paint the sunshine, glowing and glittering over the shadows.

I want to paint the sound of laughter echoing throughout a dark cold room.

I want to paint a big batch of fireworks, exploding like butterflies fluttering in the glowing sunshine.

I want to paint the tower of London, standing exceptionally as history sweeps by.


I want to paint the memory of doing all this painting.

One Response to “I want to paint.”

  1. Hi Heidi! Ilove your alliteration and descriptions. I wonder what inspired you to write about a miror? Next time how about naming local places? Lizzie

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