The ship of secrets By Winnie SWW

Shadows darken the moon’s gentle glow.
Silent whispers walk through the night,
And if you close your eyes and listen
you too can hear them tickle your spine.
Ghostly figures trying to keep their secrets trying to stay alive.

Silent dreams are awakened;
Dark stories unfold under a quiet shy breath,
its dark voice makes your hair stand on end;
Star dust falls to all who believe but those who don’t.
Well that is a different story.
At the boats tiller, the captain roars in pain
as he smashes into a jagged rock that guards
the shore like a furious army.
It turns out the boat of secrets is the mystery.

The oil lamps are determined secrets,
waiting for their story to be told;
The helm is a fortune waiting to be spun;
Silence run across the cave like cabin floor;
The hull weaves through the rushing waves and water starts to rush in.
The deck is the past woven in wishes,
that go down from generation to generation.

A sailor stands at the edge of the deck and hopes.
He looks up at a dead secrets nobody has to tell.
And to the mysterious deep craters that hide the moons darkest dreams.
And he knew his secret was waiting to be told!

One Response to “The ship of secrets By Winnie SWW”

  1. Kim McCalmont May 6, 2022 at 5:12 pm

    Lovely description here Winnie; you made me feel as if I were with you looking at this huge ship. I really thought the opening line was super – it pulled me straight in. I liked the way you introduced the solitary character at the end – he sounded so alone. Thank you for such lovely writing, I shall out for your work next week

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