I want to paint…

a tree swaying silently in the wind while arching;

a vibrant, vast view of monstrous mountains reaching for the sky;

 a welcoming wolf swiftly searching for food;

 a goofy giraffe galloping quickly across the dried landscape.

A snug starfish resting upon a small rock.


I want to paint-

a gang of buffalo sprinting like a cheetah;

a picturesque flower resting softly on the fresh, green turf like a forgotten bracelet;

a writer letting their imagination flow like a river;

a small,electronic camera, capturing memories like a pause button;

a fluffy, large clouds like cotten-candy dancing across the bright, royal blue sky;

A cluster of pearl white lotuses bobbing across a deep, murky pond like stars in the sky.


I want to paint-

the taste of hot, liquid chocolate melting on my tongue;

The smell of fresh,delicious apple pie, baking slowly in the oven;

The sound of birds’ songs, littered over the forest;

 the memory of visiting Nana’s old, brick house;

the impossibility of the sun and the moon meeting like old friends;

And the distance between the school bell, and the dash of children racing to get home.


One Response to “I want to paint…”

  1. O wow, such wonderful descriptive writing,
    Absolutely love this,
    It must have took a while to write this .
    Well done

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