The ship of enchantment by Nila

The ship of  enchantment

By Nila

On the ship of enchantment, there lay a Dead Sea under its deck while the glistening moon shone with its glory.

feathers of doves lay on the wooden deck as the abandoned boat floats to the mysterious nowhere.

The plankton was twinkling as the boat was sailed by an apparition.

The music box was the only sound, the lantern was a tiny, dying sun and the passing crows squawking were only a sign of distress.

Celestial chimes were the ships only friend as if it was an abandoned city.

You could hear muttering and whispering of ghosts singing a ballad for eternity as if they were a choir on a stage.

The sea will glisten, and if you listen, you will hear the ship of enchantment sailing as angles surround it.

It will sail till the crack of dawn, and the break of night when you sing to it too.

They say the ship is lost forever in the ocean, never to be found…

The vessel was once happy, but now it has no one to be with and it is sad…

Its salty tears mixed with the ocean, and that’s why it’s so salty…

And you thought you were lonely!

By Nila


2 Responses to “The ship of enchantment by Nila”

  1. Lots of terrific ideas Nila – well done. Watch out for places where you can tighten the language, e.g. ‘was twinkling’ = twinkled.

  2. Wow, very good Nila!👍
    Why were there tears making the sea salty?
    Make sure you don’t forget your capital letters and full stops.

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