I’ve Never…

I’ve Never…

I’ve never stroked a angry lion

but I have petted a baby alligator.

I have never seen the great white shark hunting his prey

but I have seen a sealion doing tricks for fish.

I have never eaten the worlds hottest crisp

but I have eaten a spicy crisp that is not as hot as the sun.

I have never been to Italy

but I have been to a island in Spain.

I have never jumped off the Eiffel tower

but I have jumped on a huge trampoline.


I have never seen a real bone

but I have seen an X-Ray of me,

I have never been stung by a bee

but I have been brushed by the hurtful leaves of a nettle,

I have never been invited by a clown for his birthday

But I have been to my friends birthdays,

I have never caught Thors hammer

But I have played piggy in the middle with a ball with my friends,

I have never petted something as dangerous as a tiger

But I have stroked kind my cat Rooney,

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