I have never

I have never…


I have never ridden a sharks smooth, silky back across the deep, dark and mysterious Pacific Ocean,
but I have surfed with dreamy dolphins in the brilliantly blue sea of Borth beach.


I have never taken an alligator along Stud Lane in a bright pink harness,
but I have walked a llama to the local Spar in Carno to enjoy an ice-cream.


I have never eaten slimy frog’s legs in sunny, Southern France
but I have enjoyed salty scampi and crispy chips from the Aleppo.


I have never bounded energetically across the scorching Sahara Desert
but I have plodded slowly up chilling Cadair Idris with my family.


I have never written a poem like this and had so much fun before.



2 Responses to “I have never”

  1. Lowri and Gethin J May 16, 2022 at 11:58 am

    I have never seen a poem like this amazing 🙂

  2. Hi Isabelle, I loved your poem! I particularly like the way you have used “name-it” to provide local references throughout, such as the phrase, “brilliantly blue sea of Borth beach.” I also noticed the excellent use of alliteration. It’s hard to suggest improvements, but perhaps you could try using similes a litlle bit. Why on earth where you walking a llama to the Spar? We’re really pleased that you’re enjoying being part of TeachingLive.

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