I have never

I’ve never been to Lackford Lake where lots of black and white geese stroll,

but I have been to the River Ouse where I have swam with shimmering fish.


I’ve never seen an emerald green crocodile in action,

but I have observed a coventry grey shark in action.


I’ve never been to New York where buildings are as big as giants,

but I have been to Northern Ireland where crooked buildings are.


I’ve never skied in Alaska where it is very very cold,

but I have been to Go Ape at Thetford Forest.


I’ve never hugged the pure white moon,

but I hugged my parents.


I’ve never forged a diamond pickaxe,

but I have made a wooden shield and spear.


I’ve never held  a pink, stunning axolotl and its scaly skin,

but I have held an amazing barn owl at the Suffolk Show.


I’ve never fed a tiger its raw sloppy meat,

but I fed a giraffe its leaves on a school trip in Year Two.


I’ve never petted a jaguar,

but I have petted a sheep whose wool is like a fluffy cloud.


I’ve never seen a dragon jet over the school,

but I have seen a very camouflaged monjack hiding in the dense trees.


One Response to “I have never”

  1. What a great poem.
    Your poem has many personal touches. I liked the fact you used local places in your work.
    I have never heard of a Coventry grey shark, what is one of these?
    Maybe next time try to vary your verbs so the same one is not used again. E.g I have never fed…. but I have fed.

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