I’ve Never…

I’ve Never…

I’ve never crashed my bike into a lamppost,
but I fell off my  bike into a sunny warm field.

I’ve never been on a space rocket to the moon
but I have looked at the moon in the mysterious black sky.

I’ve never hugged the blistering  hot sun,
but I snuggled my furry dog when I returned from holiday.

I’ve never leaped outside the solar system
but I have jumped really high on my trampoline.

I’ve never been in a fast jet,
but I have seen a jet go as fast as lightning and loud as thunder.

I’ve never ventured to a volcano that’s about to erupt with exploding lava,
but I have climbed an immense hill that is taller than a tractor.

I’ve never hugged a soaking wet dolphin,
but I have seen a dolphin performing with its trainer.

I’ve never held  a regular bird,
but I have touched a sweet colourful parrot with my family on holiday.

I’ve never voyaged in a sailboat.
but I have ridden a rowing boat with my siblings and parents.

One Response to “I’ve Never…”

  1. I like the one that says that they have never crashed into a lampost because i think it is nice that he fell into grass

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