I’ve never…

I’ve Never…


I’ve never ventured to Area 51,

but I have visited a historical museum about Area 51 in America.

I’ve never strolled on the clouds,
but I have sprinted to compete in a race called Cross-Country.

I’ve never touched a unicorns horn,
but I have stroked my friend’s dog Zoumi, she is very cute.

I’ve never ridden a Lamborghini,
but I have rode my bike with my friend to Brandon Woods.

I’ve never broke into a safe,
but I have snuck into a cookie box that was in my house.

I’ve never come across an Egyptian pharaoh,
but I have visited a fake person dressed up as him.

I’ve never bit into a dragon fruit,
but I have tasted a juicy mango that came from Africa.

I’ve never hugged a baby panda,
but I have cuddled my little brother Denis.

I’ve never had a fire breathing dragon,
but I have a parrot, which is like a copycat.

One Response to “I’ve never…”

  1. i like the bit about area 51 and about petting your friends dog

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