I’ve never

I’ve Never…


I’ve never ran up a pure blue waterfall,

but I have slid down rapids at a waterpark.


I’ve never observed a Phoenix,

but I have seen a robin land in my garden.


I’ve never set my eyes on the queen,

but I have seen my cousins at Christmas.


I’ve never gazed at a nebula cloud in space,

but I have observed the clouds from above.


I’ve never tasted shark,

but I have tasted smoked salmon.


I’ve never visited the Eiffel tower,

but I have built a 500+ puzzle edition.


I’ve never sailed the seven seas,

but I have hired a boat in Brandon.


I have never been on Neptune,

but I have caught a glimpse of the dark, asteroid dwarf, Ceres, being a dark star in the night sky.


I have never wrote one hundred pages nonstop,

but I have just ended this poem.

2 Responses to “I’ve never”

  1. Your poem is very good well done.

  2. I really like the one that says Ive never observed a phoenix but I have seen a robin land in my garden because of how you have witten it

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