I’ve never..

I’ve Never…


I’ve never ate a delicious Pizza that’s 100 miles long,

but I’ve ate a normal Pizza.


I’ve never blew up a big Nuke,

but I saw a big firework blow up.


I’ve never ridden a rich lamborghini,

but i have ridden a normal car.


I’ve never punched a brown bear,

but I have punched a punching bag.


I’ve never made a working robot,

but I have made a small castle with building blocks.


I’ve never ran faster then a fast car,

but I have ran faster than my little brother.


I’ve never hiked Mount Everest,

but I have trekked up Castle hill.


I’ve never been inside a tall Castle,

but I have been inside a small hole.

2 Responses to “I’ve never..”

  1. I like the part where you punched a brown bear,

  2. *some adjectives used in each couplet
    *good contrasting ideas
    /* next time, try to use different verbs like you did with trek and hike

    Well done!!

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