My secret

My secret is made from-

the darkness of the ghosts that haunt the night,

The naughts and crosses warm hello,

And the cold throated devil.

I found it-

Zipped up in a coat pocket,

Trapped at the back of a dark mind,

And ripped up in a black bin.

This secret can-

prise open someone’s curiosity,

make words talk,

and break apart Mount Everest

till it is powder

in a locket.

If I lost this secret-

even the lonely whale left at the horizon

would echo through the sea…

One Response to “My secret”

  1. 1.I like how you have given it a simple name‘My secret’
    2.How did you think of till it is powder in a locker?
    3.Maybe next time you could describe it a bit more.

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