A letter home…

Brockford Green 234 Amanborry Road.

Dear Mother,

It’s has  been a full journey to East Angila and I’m very tired … The service on this train is actually amazing!!! I was quite shocked!
We saw some of the WVS ladies that was at the train station and some of her were taking care of us the whole way. The food that was on the train was  a bit plain and to be honest I really DID NOT like it… But at least I’m happy of the service they provided for us!


Soon after, we arrived in East Angila and we went to our new house. It wasn’t that bad I guess but it was quite dull and dark in there. Our Legal Guardian who was called Andrew, wasn’t that bad after all too. He was a kind young man who was 38 years old. His food was so flavoured and delicious and also every night he would make us something that we really wanted …but sadly in this area, they have a maximum and a minimum amount of food to eat. We also have a thing called a Ration Book, this book tells us what to eat and what is the maximum of items we digest and consume .

One more thing is that the school that I go to is called Eldon primary school ! It’s an amazing and there education is quite good! Anyways I have to go now but I will send you another letter next time!


Yours sincerely… Jas, your loving daughter…




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  1. Thank you for writing on the blog. I really like the period detail you have added to the letter such as the reference to the WVS. How did you find out about them? Perhaps you could describe the school a bit more?

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