A Letter to my mum

Dear Mam,

Thanks for the the chocolate cake . I ate it on the train it gave me some energy to stay awake.After what seemed like years, we finally arrived at Paddy train Station.It was a small village but I’m really glad I still got sent to a safer home I ‘m not saying are home was enough safe but at least I’m not dead because that would be sad.

Once we got there, hundreds of people came and picked what child they wanted.It was like being at tea time it was busy.I was one of the last child left but then I was the last child.I think it was because I looked poor.

Anyways, I’m staying with Miss Gig in Ambleside in a stone cottage .The Water comes form the sewer but it gets cleaned .When I wake up in the morning I look at the view and get eggs from the farm.She gave me a nice cup of tea to warm me up because it was cold getting the eggs .

I have a big room in the barn I had a bathroom , a king size bed and he most epic thinkings of all I had a dog, a cat, a bird ,a chicken and a pig bob .At night I could hear all my animals making noises but I got use to hearing the animals but the first time I slept I felt sad scared and most of all I could not get to sleep. Every morning I get different jobs the jobs are sometimes working boring and epic because I love feeding the lams and the rest of the animals.There are chickens cows sheep pigs and bulls.

I have jobs to do and the best is is feeding the cows because they kiss you . I also have to lock the chickens up but it is hard some times because Bob the fast one keeps on running away.Fist thing in the morning I have to get the eggs of the chickens but the eggs are normally are hard to find.

Every morning , Miss Gig sends me to little school but first I wake up look at the view and get dressed and get my breakfast .At little school I play with my friends and to my work.We do maths it is really hard because the numbers are big and I am trying with my handwriting.

We have lunch out side miss gig gives me some bread and Walter maybe a little treat if I am good .

love from your only son – Henry.

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