Death is made of the salty tears of your friends and family

The dead roses rotting in the long forgotten grave yard

The mercy shadows hiding in the sunlight

The fingertips of the clouds above

The dying light that can burn you is out.

I found it

Creeping in the corner of a dark damp room waiting to catch its next victim

Standing on the edge of a rocky cliff in the cold rain

Wandering on a cold beach with waves crashing on the shore

Sitting in a peaceful graveyard with the whispers of the dead souls

Standing amongst the stars in the shivering night sky.

Death can

Crush the earth in the blink of a eye

Kill even the strongest beast with no effort at all

Destroy sites and tons with one touch

Shatter the universe with one blow

Smash a army whenever it wants

If I lost it

I wood be stuck for ever in the same boring life

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