Dear Mum, 


Hey my journey was okay, it was quite cold on the train so ta for the jacket and the hot potato it made my hands warm. After like 3-4 hours of traveling we finally landed. When I landed there were a lot of people standing on the platform picking who they were gonna take home with them. I was down to the last 5 people everybody took the younger people first. Then it was down to 2 people left me and a random kid called Charlie. The 2 families that were choosing who is gonna get who took like 45 minutes and finally they chose.


I was staying at this house. It is really small; it has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen. I am staying with these 3 nice people Rex, Robin and Reon. Rex is their son. They are so nice and Rex is the same age as me so we do get along and he is really funny and makes the best jokes and scary stories.  Robin , she is so nice and makes the best food and hot cuppa’s. Reon is nice but he is always at work till 12pm and I would have been asleep then so I don’t really speak to him that much only when I wake up for breakfast.


 I needed  to share a room with Rex but it was okay cause we get along alot and we have so much fun telling each other scary stories in the room and don’t get me started on his jokes. They have a little bathroom but that doesn’t matter and the kitchen is quite big even tho it’s a small house the rooms are big.


Then me and Rex played outside and there was a kid walking down the street and I recognised him soI went over to him and said put your hood up and  it was Leo/brother. I was so shocked we missed his birthday yesterday. He’s a teen now HE’S 13. I was so happy to see him and he only lives 2 streets away so I was allowed to see him whenever I wanted. I’m so happy I can see someone in our family since I can’t see you or dad.


The town I’m living in for now is really big and has a lot of parks. All the roads are yellow and the walls  are gray. It is  very colorful and quite nice. It is  all clean and there is  no rubbish on the floor. All the shops look fancy and have  really good food shops too.


I got put in the school where Rex goes. I am  in y6 b there were 2 y6 classes y6 b and y6 a  I am  in the same one as Rex. The school is so big  and has  10 bathrooms and the playground is  really big too. Overall it is  a really nice school and I have  made some friends.


I hope you’re okay and I hope I  can come and see you right  now. I  would do anything I really really miss u and want to see u and dad as soon as possible. Make sure u stay safe causeI dont want u to get hurt  love you and dad so much I  just want to see you, stay safe bye.


From – your loving daughter


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