Frost Unicorn

 The Frost Unicorn 


There are a variety of unicorns and one of the most sensational is the Frost Unicorn. They are unique because they have a twisted, crystal glass horn on their heads. It has icicles as it’s teeth and it is white to camouflage in the snow and clouds.


Would you recognise this snuggly, white, cute and furry beauty? In fact, it is like the water unicorn. Like most unicorns, they have the body of a horse, a horn like an icicle and wings the size of an elephant. Typically, its body shimmers when the sunlight reflects off it. However, a handful have misty bodies like frosted glass. Furthermore, the Frost Unicorn has jet black eyes to see predators in the snow and ice.


Some people say that the Frost Unicorn hibernates at the top of Mount Everest. However, they have often been seen in Canada and Alaska. In the summer period, they would fly down and across the seas turning the water into ice to catch fish. The Frost Unicorn loves raw salmon. If you want to see one, bring some raw salmon but there is something you need to know, the Frost Unicorn is skittish and shy.  


Are Frost Unicorns dangerous? Many people think they are harmless but they’re wrong. If you dare to touch their wings or head, you will turn to ice in a matter of seconds. So, be careful I wouldn’t go near it if I were you.  


Because these creatures are incredibly rare, you should take the opportunity to observe their spectacular beauty, but do it from a far.

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