Going to Berkeley

Dear Mam,

I do appreciate the delicious ruby apple you saved rations, it was so generous for you to give that to me since we do not have much of that food anymore due to the war. When I ate my apple, water dripped from other people’s mouths. Because you always taught me to share I let every have a bite.

All of the gas masks were clutched by the sweaty hands of all of the nervous children like they all knew something was going to happen, but nothing did. To be honest I think that I was not the only child that packed a teddy and needed a cuddle. When we all sat down, there was no room left on the seats!

After what seemed like centuries, we had finally arrived at a tiny town called Berkeley. Berkeley has a huge public house called The Berkeley Arms where people drink until late at night, and have fun. We casually walked to a town hall and we sat down on one of many chairs. As the doors opened a huge wave a people (who is willing to open their home to us) came in and got into a organised queue to pick. It was lovely I was the first one picked. But little Johnny (who is a wimp) sulked because he wanted to be pick first, but I was. That was about 4 hours ago now I am on a mattress living in a gatehouse! The people that picked me are lovely and called Mrs and Mr Jenner.

I will write next fortnight. Lots of love John.

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