Good by

Dear ma,

Thanks for the apple.  it was so good.after what seams like years I am in Green Hills Village.

When we got to the adoption centre I was got 3 it felt so weird not being able to see you and Tim I will miss you I have a brother , sister a dog called teddy and a mum and dad. I had the smallest room but it fell through so big ye I brought my teddy. I told them my name was Steve they were really kind and nice we got a new fish called Toby but he don’t do any thing. I go to a school called saint Peter I also have a kind friend called Ted. Will I see you again I hope so by.

From Steve. Miss you. 

One Response to “Good by”

  1. 1. It’s a good piece of writing.
    2. Why haven’t you change your mistakes?
    3. Next time but capital letters after full stops and when you need it.

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