Lighting unicorn


Lighting Unicorn


Within the  whole entire world there are many species of unicorns and one of the most amazing Unicorns is the Lightning Unicorn. This type of unicorn is very little known about because it hides in caves and the dark  stratus clouds. 


The Lighting Unicorn is barely seen but if you do manage to see the lighting unicorn it is most likely seen in the depths of gloomy caves at the top of a dome cracked mountains. The Lighting Unicorn will come out  and it roams around the forests at night.They will hide in the depths of  their glittering,electric, crystal caves which are coated in blue tulips. It is very difficult to spot one in the daylight because they are quite shy. 


The Lightning Unicorn has lighting inside of his body ,a  golden lighting bolt for a tail and also a majestic horn that is very powerful.The mane of this creature is  electric green also they have sapphire, blue, sparky hooves that leave an electric trail of dust behind them as they travel. Amazingly,this creature has ever growing wings so if they get injured or mamed they can just grow back. They shed their powerful wings each year so new and more powerful ones grow back in.


Lighting Unicorns are supposed to be very vicious and be really nasty children if you look this creature in the eye and you don’t give them an electric sapphire crystal or a blue tulip flower. Then you will be shot with there lighting venom and it will leave you in pain for a month and don’t get shot again or you will risk your life.


The last sight of the Unicorn was 2022 at 4:30pm in Asia. It was found by an explorer called Gilberto and many people have been searching since many of the people have never come back.

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