My letter

Dear Mam,

Thanks a lot for hidin a can a soup in ma coat pocket I was well cold and hungry but It made me right warm. The train ride was well long but I got through it. First, before the train started some old broad named Mary gave me a name tag sayin Dave, ya know how I hate goin by that but was right awkward to ask em to change it to david. I fell sleep halfway through the ride so some small lad called John had ta wake me up, don’t know how i coulda gone sleep with the right small room I had.


Finally once we got there we all stood in a line and these women took turns choosin us. Turns out the broad named Peggy who chose me also chose John, the lad who I met on the train and some other lad called James.


Me James and John stay in this small cabin outside the big house. The first day we got here we had to do some jobs. First, we had to clean out the cabin we were staying in. Then we had to sort out all our clothes and choose our beds. Our room only had 2 draws so I kept mine in my bag.


We were pretty lucky because if an attack happened the cellar was right outside our cabin. On the first night I couldn’t sleep because with our lights one was fine but the other one was broken and was flickering and making right loud sounds all night.


The next day Mrs Carter took us for a walk and let us play on a field when we walked into the village called Emerald village we went onto then Adnakaw street which is the main street and it had loads of well nice flowers and it was nothing like home there was no cars or talking all you could hear was the birds tweeting and people saying good morning, Even though it is more peaceful than home I still miss home so much.


Before we went to the right big field Mrs Carter told us that on monday we will go to this amazing school.


I went to school yesterday. It only takes 10 minutes to walk and it was right good and I met some new people like this girl named Natasha and my teacher is called Mr Steve. We were at school for about two hours and for the last half hour of school we went to play outside. It was well fun. 


I know in this letter it sounds like I am so so happy but I am really missing you. I hope Dad helps beat Mr ****** and is okay and I hope you and Sammy are okay at hope bye bye. Speak soon


Your loving son 


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