The Mountain Unicorn

There are multiple classes of unicorn, but one of the most fascinating is the Mountain Unicorn (formally known as the Amonsda). Not much is known about this variety because it can only be found in the thin-aired mountains.

If you spotted a mountain Unicorn, would you be able to recognise it? In fact, they are alike to the larger mass of unicorns. Like most, they include a lengthy horn, a curly, brunette mane and have specific magical properties. Typically, they have a protruding horn, which the unicorns use for dominance. However, a small amount of Amonsda have a shorter horn for an odd reason, which means they usually lose during battles. Furthermore, they have strong teeth, which help with eating their usual snack, small rocky clumps of turf. They have the special ability to summon cliffs to the ground (usually used for defence). Their main characteristic is that it has very strong lungs, which have adapted to living in the towering mountains. Amazingly, some mountain unicorns have clumps of dirt attached to their legs, because some of the Amonsda spend most of their time in small caves.

Barely anyone knows where the Mountain Unicorn ventures to in the winter months. There are many fossils that have been found inside mountains that look alike to the Amonsda, which suggest that they bury themselves inside the cores of the mountains during the cold season. If you wish to encounter the Mountain Unicorn, then you should find a good view of a peak of a mountain, which should only be attempted in summer. Additionally, you should maintain calm and patience. When you want to find the unicorn, you should bring some rocks, they will occasionally kick around the small pebbles, as it is a form of entertainment for them.

Are mountain unicorns safe? Most civilians believe that they aren’t safe because they become very defensive when hosting newborn Amonsda (in spring). Many children have vanished when coming in contact with the Mountain Unicorn and it is believed that the missing civilians are at the top of mountains. Sadly, if you get attacked by the unicorn, you will run the risk of being turned to stone! So, if you or anyone you know happens to be tracking the Mountain Unicorn they and you should be very cautious.

Because these creatures are quite dangerous, you should tread with caution when coming in contact with them.

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