The Snow Unicorn

The Snow Unicorn

 There are some fantastic snow unicorns , which are cold blooded, cold hearted and this type of unicorn is the coldest out there. Additionally , it lives in cold areas.

Would you be able to identify a Snow Unicorn straight away? In fact, this type of unicorn is similar to other  unicorns. Like most unicorns, they have  hooves, wings, eyelashes and have good  hearing

Nobody knows where the Snow Unicorn lives but if you look in areas that are cold that’s where the unicorn will be. 

 Generally, this type of unicorn is located in  Antarctica on the west or east side.

Is the snow unicorn dangerous? Many people have died because of the Snow Unicorn’s actions. This Snow Unicorn uses its icy cold breath to breathe on a person turning them into a frozen statue.So don’t take a risk, keep your  distance and admire it for afar.

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