The Snow Unicorn

The snow unicorn 


There are multiple kinds of unicorn and one of the most unusual is the Snow Unicorn and there is a small amount of information about this unicorn. Interestingly, when it steps in snow, its hooves will turn bright blue. 


Would you be able to identify a Snow Unicorn if you witnessed one? 

In fact, they are very similar to the other classes of unicorns. Like most unicorns they have shiny hooves, majestic wings and a furred horse body. Typically, they are an amazing blue colour, which shines in the light. However,  a few have been spotted which are white. This allows them to camouflage into the snow. Furthermore, they have teeth made of light, blue diamonds. The main feature of the Snow Unicorn is that whatever colour it touches with its horn the horn will change that colour


No one knows where the snow unicorn lives in the summer months. In the winter months, the Snow Unicorn hibernates in shady, icy caves. However, the Snow Unicorns can also be seen hiding in frosted rivers. If you wish to see a snow unicorn, wait at a frosty river with some snow because they like eating snow and ice. Although, you will have to be patient and quite still.  


Is the Snow Unicorn friendly? In fact, they are. If you see one, you can go up to it and play with it. If you’re lucky, you might be able to ride one. Also if you want to play with one then make sure to feed it snow or ice. 


Because these creatures are incredibly rare, you should take the opportunity to observe their actions.

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